Presentations | Construction Super Conference


December 10 - 12, 2018
The Encore at Wynn
Las Vegas, Nevada


E01 Predicting Success: Predictive Coding Strategies for Successful Data Review in Construction Claims and Disputes

E02 Twilight of the Gods: The New Regime of Fiduciary Duties for the Licensed Design Professionals

E03 Getting Off on the Right Foot: How Effective Preliminary Hearings Ensure Efficiency and Economy

E04 The Language of International Arbitration Clauses: It’s Real and Practical Effect on Disputes

E05 Expectations of In-House Counsel for Outside Counsel on Litigation Matters: What Do They Really Want and Why?

E06 High Tech Tools by Experts in Construction Litigation and Arbitration: How to Do it Right and How to Tear it Down

E07 Cybersecurity Risk Management and Best Practices, with a Specific Focus on the Unique Needs of the Construction and Legal Industries

E08 Loss of Productivity: The Advantages, Pitfalls, and Challenges of Developing and Implementing Recommended Standards

E09 The Ultimate Toolkit for Winning the International Construction Arbitration

E10 Streamlining Your Arbitration: How to Avoid Reliving That Construction Project “Brick by Brick”

E11 We’ve been hacked! What do we do now?

E12  The View from the Seat at the End of the Table: What Being an Arbitrator or Mediator Has Taught Us About Being Better Advocates

E13 Leverage the New ConsensusDocs and AIA Standard Contracts to Stay Ahead of the CurveContracts

E14 From Outside Counsel to CEO: Insights from Lawyers Who Rose Through the Ranks to Run Major International Construction Companies

E15 Strategic Use of Discovery in International Construction Arbitration

E16 Mega Projects: Winning Programs, Including a Close Look at the Success of Effectively Resolving Disputes

E17 Go with the Flow: Assessing Delay on Production-Based Scopes of Work

E18 Getting Your Construction Expert’s Opinions Admitted into Evidence

E19 Complex or Bet The Company Case? Win the War Through Strategic Decisions on Forum Selection, Innovative ADR, ESI Management, Budgeting and More..

E20 Transportation Design-Build and P3 Projects — Pushing the Limits of Reasonable Risk Shifting?

E21 Examining the 2017 Decennial Updates to the AIA Form Contracts

E22 Ethical and Compliance Challenges Facing Counsel on the Industrial Mega Project

E23 Navigating Insurance and Surety Law for Mixed Construction Claims and Defect Cases

E24 Not Every Problem is a Nail: How Psychology and Bias Impact the Negotiation Process

E25 New Administration — New Regulatory Environment?

E26 Establishing and Maintaining Positive Working Relationships with Outside Counsel and Consultants – A Lesson in Business Partner Dynamics

E27 Construction Fraud: Hot Topics and Prevention Strategies

E28 The Knowns and Unknowns of Concurrent Delay

E29 Taking on Subsurface Risks: How to Allocate Subsurface Risk and Lessons Learned from an Owner, Contractor, and Geotechnical Expert

E30 Schedule Delay Insanity and a Path to be Sane

E31 You Can Try a Case Against a Design Professional Successfully with a Jury

E32 Strategies for Prompt and Effective Resolution of Government Claims Utilizing the Court of Federal Claims and Boards of Contract Appeals

E33 Oh, no! My Crane Has Fallen. Now What? Risk Management in a 24-Hour Society

E34 Guarding the Gate

K01 Welcome and Opening Keynote: Todd Buchholz

K02 Luncheon & Plenary: Building a Dream: From Desert Path to the Las Vegas Strip

K03 Luncheon & Plenary: Capitalizing on the Millennial Generation in Your Firm

PC1 Lean on Construction

PC2 Women’s Leadership Workshop – Bulldozing Through the Disruptions of Today’s Professional Landscape